Getting a home loan these days can be intimidating, stressful, and confusing.  Or, it can be a positive experience.  The outcome depends a lot on the Mortgage Professional you choose.  My clients tell me that I’m a pleasure to work with because I discover their needs, give appropriate advice and guidance, and then help them realize their real estate dreams.  Whether you’re looking for your first home or investment property, upsizing or downsizing, whether it’s modest or a mansion, or you’re seeking to refinance, you can rely on my 16-years’ experience as a highly trained Mortgage Professional.

The home loan process has many ups and downs, and everyone in a real estate transaction can get emotional.  Except the Mortgage Professional.  Urgency with calmness, tenacity, and experience make the difference.  I will keep control of the process and guide you along the way to meet all deadlines and your closing date. 

I absolutely love what I do, and am passionate about helping people reach their real estate goals.  I share my service heart in other areas of my life including volunteering at the Oregon Food Bank, participating in the annual New Avenues for Youth Charity event, and various other charity and service events in the Portland area throughout the year.

My clients consider me to be a man of honor and integrity, and I take your trust very seriously.  I promise to keep my standards of professionalism high, and to always treat you with courtesy and respect.

As a native Oregonian, a University of Oregon and University of Hawaii attendee, and a Pepperdine University Business School Grad, I have been blessed with outstanding clients, many of whom have referred me to their friends and families.

It is my distinct honor and privilege to make a difference in people’s lives both professionally and personally.  You can always count on me for a successful outcome!   


John Vallejos


John is licensed in Oregon, Washington & California.



Here’s what clients are saying about John Vallejos!

Upon retiring I thought I was financially set.  Then I was hit with an unexpected financial burden which required me to seek a refinance loan.  Being a widow, I wasn't sure of my options.  I approached my bank and two other institutions with no results.  I explained my predicament to my financial advisor who recommended I contact John Vallejos for some advice.  Upon my first visit with John he made me feel very comfortable by talking in lay person terms.  After 2 months of relentlessly searching and digging for a plan for me he was successful.  I would highly recommend anyone who is purchasing or refinancing a home to put John at the top of their lender list for expert advice.  John delivered a truly friendly and professional experience.

Thank you so much, John,  MT  |  Hillsboro, OR


Home Buyers,

I am a Realtor and have been working with John for nearly 15 years.  I can always count on him to provide professional mortgage services to my buyers.  He is well informed about loan programs available on all types of properties.  I have worked with him on several of my own real estate purchases over the years.  He always does a great job.  I highly recommend John's services to anyone needing a home or land loan.  Best wishes in your real estate pursuits.

KA  |  Portland, OR


Nearly two years ago, in the midst of a messy divorce, I made an appointment with John Vallejos to explore my options regarding the disposition of the marital home.  At that time, I was overwhelmed with decisions that needed to be made quickly.  John not only presented me with the facts I needed regarding the current housing market and my mortgage options, but he was cheerful and optimistic.  He presented a realistic, hopeful plan to go forward at a very dark time in my life.  He was an essential part of a team of people who literally restored my hope in the future.

I found a home I wanted to buy which was a short sale, and let me tell you - there was nothing "short" about this sale!  Although the process took over 10 months to complete John maintained his optimism and professionalism.  I had absolute confidence in his ability to keep all of my documentation current, secure a good lender and lock the lowest interest rate possible.  When we were ready to close, John made sure that all the details were taken care of.  We were able to close this purchase directly due to his thoroughness and atten0tion to detail.  Because of John and his team at Mortgage Express, I now have my dream home!  Thank you so much for helping me through a very challenging chapter in my life.

ND  |  Newberg, OR


Before I contacted John Vallejos with Mortgage Express I was very frustrated and concerned.  The lenders that I was previously working with before I met John failed to meet my needs, which threatened a purchase agreement due to lack of funding.

John very quickly turned that around and he did so in a fraction of the time that the other lenders took to complete the same steps.  John went above and beyond to quickly get me back on track and he delivered.  John is excellent at what he does.  He is very well organized and readily available.  When you work with John, not only does he take the time to explain each and every document and the required steps along-the-way, but he takes the time to make sure you are comfortable and confident with the process.

I very much enjoyed working with John due to his knowledge, approach, and his genuine concern for a positive outcome.   As an investor, I know I will always be able to count on John for my lending needs.

Mike V.  |  Vancouver, WA


I had the great opportunity to work with John Vallejos for the last six months. When first starting this process, I was terrified.  There is so much to know and learn when buying a home, especially your first.

My husband and I did not have the best of credit scores.  We both had previous situations that were bringing our scores down.  We had gone to another mortgage company a few years previous and they took one look at our credit reports and said they were unable to help us.  So we hung our hat up and decided to wait a little longer.

Once our final child was on the way we decided we really wanted a home to call our very own.  We wanted our children to have a place they could "come home to".  I was seeking a kitchen I could prepare Sunday dinner in and not be crowded and most of all I wanted to stop paying someone else to live in their house.

I was given John's contact information from our new found Realtor.  I contacted John and he looked over our credit report.  To my disappointment he advised me that we were not ready yet and that we needed to do a little bit of work.  He told me to stay positive and he would work things out in the next few months.  He devised a workable plan to improve our credit, and to put us in-position to qualify for a loan.  John guided us over the next six months to execute the plan and he oversaw all the transactional details for the purchase of the perfect home that our Realtor found for us. 

So today, after a lot of work on ALL of our parts, we have been advised that our loan has been approved!

I needed someone to hold my hand through this stressful process and that is exactly what John did. If he wasn't keeping me updated our processor, Sherrie, was.  She was also amazing and quick to get back to me and keep me posted on the progress.

Everyone at Mortgage Express is wonderful--from John, to our processor Sherrie, to the amazing support staff.  I will be quick to give their contact information to everyone I come across who needs to buy a home!

 Thanks again, John!  We have you to thank for our beautiful home.

 Jennifer & Rex  |  Oregon City, OR


I was blessed to have found John Vallejos and Mortgage Express while in the process of buying a new home.  I had refinanced two homes earlier in the year with another mortgage company and I can only compare their process as being water boarded and tortured.  The vast amount of paperwork they demanded was obscene and took a tremendous amount of my personal time and energy.  They even demanded I pay my accountant to write a letter to them to predict my financial future!

John Vallejos by comparison delivered the most impeccable, courteous and friendly customer service imaginable.  He was instantly available for every phone call, and knew exactly what was going on at every moment. He quickly streamlined the process to a pinpoint, and I truly regret I hadn't found him earlier in the year to do my previous refinancing.  John had infinite patience and was very positive and uplifting during the process which was especially complicated by my divorce.  I was utterly amazed how easy he made the whole process.  What a blessing! 

Mary D.  |  Oregon City, OR


I would like to thank you for your tremendous help earlier this year as you guided me through my first home purchase.  As I discovered, this process can be a daunting task that requires a great deal of trust between a lender and client.  Knowing I could depend on you to respond quickly to questions and concerns with accurate information provided me with peace of mind and made for a seamless transaction.  You were the consummate professional and provided sound guidance and patience from beginning to end.

 In this trying fiscal time, I understand the added difficulty of securing financing.  However, with your experience, encouragement, and resourcefulness, you helped me achieve a goal that I was convinced was out of reach.

 I will not hesitate to contact you in the future when I plan to either refinance or purchase another home and will gladly pass along your contact information and highly recommend you to those who are looking for top-notch advice and results.

 EU  |  Wilsonville, OR


Thanks for all of the help getting our house refinanced.  We appreciated the speed and ease of completing the transaction and are very excited about our 15-year loan and much lower interest rate. 

It was a pleasure to work with you again.

 Michael and Michelle  |  Portland, OR


You deserve a medal of honor for your heroic efforts on our behalf.  Prior to being referred to you, we had attempted to refinance our home in California on three different occasions with three different lenders and three loan rejections!  Our financial situation is quite complicated, but you were able to simplify our financial picture by lowering our monthly house payment over $960.00!  You did it brilliantly, keeping us informed every step of the way. 

 We are very grateful for your hard work and attention to detail which brought us to this successful conclusion.  So when we come to purchase property in Portland next year, you'll be the first to know.  We are so glad that our Realtor recommended you and we look forward to working with you again.

Brian and Margaret  |  Los Angeles, CA


When my husband and I found out that the house we were renting was being sold and we had to find another place to live in a month, we kind of panicked.  Rather than go the rental route, we pulled together a team of one awesome Realtor and one awesome mortgage lender, found a house, qualified for a loan, and had it close on the date.

John Vallejos was instrumental in keeping the momentum going – from calling us with loan requirements to keeping us up-to-date on loan progress and timing – he was on top of the process the entire way.  We had to move really quickly in order to close on time and make the household move within our tight window, and John’s diligence and behind-the-scenes bravado helped us get there. 

 What I appreciated most was John’s pep talks.  When we would get frustrated with all the paperwork, get overwhelmed, or have second thoughts about if this was possible, John kept us thinking ahead, thinking of possibility and kept us in good spirits through the entire process.

 I would recommend John to anyone, especially first time home buyers.  He explains everything in detail so you understand every number and nuance.  He makes it so you don’t have to worry.

Rachel and Terry  |  Lafayette, OR


Anyone interested in a professional, detailed and cordial experience obtaining a home loan should contact John Vallejos.

 I just completed a loan process where I actually felt like I was in control.  Every aspect of the process was thoroughly explained and discussed leaving no surprises or worries.

 John and his assistant, Sherri, were excellent at their tasks and they eliminated any worries I had about securing a home loan.

 I strongly urge you to deal with John Vallejos at Mortgage Express if you want to have a professionally executed and pleasant experience.

 Philip C.  |  Portland


We wanted to express our gratitude to John Vallejos for his most excellent work in helping us to attain a competitive home mortgage in a very short period of time.   From the get go if it wasn't for John's efforts we would not have been able to quickly bid for our dream home in a very strong seller's market.   He helped us to prequalify on a Sunday so that we could be ahead of the competition and be able to make our viable bid.   If it wasn't for John's diligent efforts we would not have been able to purchase our home.   Due to strict regulations these days it's not easy getting the final loan approval, however John worked hard every step of the way for us in getting through the obstacle course of barriers set by the lender.   

 John is extremely polite and a true professional.  He was available and accessible throughout the entire process and we are very grateful to him.   We will be strongly recommending John to our family, friends  and colleagues for all their mortgage loan needs.

 Ali & Sarah