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Mortgage Express launches a freshly redesigned website

For years, Mortgage Express has provided it’s highly professional loan officers with tools to communicate efficiently and effectively with their clients. With the latest website redesign, that communication commitment has been extended to the public website.

Focusing on a website that would be a resource to homebuyers and homeowners, the overall website redesign goal was to create a clean, professional aesthetic while providing a great cross-device user experience. A responsive design approach was utilized in developing the website. This allows for an optimal scenario between website maintenance and user experience. One version of content serves all devices—website styles are automatically adjusted based on the screen size.

Mortgage Express’s existing back-end loan tracking software (Loantracker) helps loan officers keep in contact with all parties involved in the loan process. The website redesign utilizes the back-end system data to populate location and loan officer information. This eliminates the need to duplicate data and ensures the website has the latest information.

With features that allow visitors to quickly connect with loan officers and locations, finding a lending professional is simple and intuitive. Visitors can browse loan officers by location or use the Loan Officer Locator that is accessible through clicking any of the “Find a Loan Officer” buttons throughout the website. The Loan Officer locator is a robust search feature, allowing visitors to enter just a few letters of their loan officer’s name to find the appropriate match. Starting the application process is just as simple whether the visitor has an existing loan officer or not.

The redesign also introduces interactive features including the home loan calculator and social feeds.

Home Loan Calculator

The home loan calculator is a simple feature that allows you to adjust your purchase price, down payment and interest rates with sliding bars to determine your monthly payment. Complete with amortization chart, this handy tool is flexible in displaying information and works well with larger monitors as well as tablets and smartphones.

Social Feeds

Mortgage Express maintains communication across several social media channels. Social feeds have been added the website for visitors to get a snapshot of Mortgage Express and it’s employees. From mortgage industry news to employee involved events, Mortgage Express is more than just a trusted lender.


The redesign includes a blog that represents the “News” section of the new website. This area is intended to provide corporate communication, industry insight and relevant articles aimed at informing and demystifying the mortgage lending processes and industry.

We stake our reputation on the speed and ease that our loans close while maintaining the communication and care you expect. Try out our home loan calculator and let us process your loan so you can experience the Mortgage Express difference!

What to expect when you purchase a home.

The largest financial decision most of us make in our lifetime is to become a Home Owner. Our Lending Professionals are here to help guide you through the entire process from start to finish. This information will help walk you through the steps of purchasing a home as if you were working with a mortgage broker.

Step 1

Pre-Approval As you begin your search for a new home, understanding your purchasing power will allow you to narrow down your search by knowing the sales price and monthly payment for which you qualify. A letter of Pre-Approval issued by your Lending Professional will show potential sellers that you are serious while allowing your agent to make a sound case for your offer. Get pre-approved for new home financing now!

Step 2

Select a Licensed Realtor The agent you work with will be your advocate to the Seller and their Listing Agent (if applicable). If you haven’t already selected a Realtor and would like a referral, your preferred Lending Professional will help you find the right agent for you.

Step 3

Making the offer Your Realtor will guide you through the process of negotiating the purchase of your home. There may be counter offers by both you and the seller from your initial proposal, but most often an agreement can be made that is suitable for you both.


Submission of your home loan for Underwriting Once your offer has been accepted, your Lending Professional will package the loan option with you have selected for submission to an Underwriter for Approval. You can find a list of commonly needed documentation here (redirect to lending checklist).

Step 5

Final Conditions & Signing The Underwriter may request additional documentation or letters of explanation prior to the signing of loan documents. You will be kept informed throughout the loan process if anything further is needed from you. Once these conditions have been satisfied, documents will be drawn and sent to your Title/Escrow Officer for signing.

Step 6

Funding & Closing The loan documents are sent back to the bank for final review by the Underwriter and Funder. After the file is reviewed and it is determined no additional information is needed, funds will be wired to Title/Escrow from the Lender to complete the transaction. Congratulations, you are now a Home Owner! Picture of happy Home Owners would be good on this page.

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